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The expansion of international business into local markets requires effective management skills and high adaptability to change, be it across markets or corporate cultures. These skills help you turn a potential into an opportunity and minimise your losses.


FreemanConsulting taps into years of international and cross-cultural management as well as change management in globally-operating organisations, and draws on the models put forward by the leading schools of thought in these fields.



Project-based business intervention: consulting, incl. participation in meetings/negotiations

Team consulting (via a workshop)


Individual consulting



Business Expansion

Strategic consulting on successful market entry and local adaptation of products or services


Cross-cultural ‘translation’ of a brand, its integration, SWOT analysis including all marketing components regarding the industry, the product or service, its price, and effective advertising and distribution to the local customer.

Effective adoption strategies for your product or service tailored to your target market.


Negotiations & Sales


Strategic consulting focusing on successful international negotiations and sales


Winning strategies to take with you to a negotiation or a sales meeting with regulatory bodies, customers, partners, suppliers in a new culture.

Recommendations for a successful presentation to a new cultural target audience (a new country/region or corporate culture): content, form and delivery.

M & A

Pre-M&A consulting, negotiation and post-M&A integration


Getting on top of cultural barriers – at both organisational and country/regional levels. Practical recommendations for effectively controlling the risks associated with M&A and maximising its success.



Cultural Due Diligence highlighting potentially deal-breaking cultural differences in the business norms, management and communication styles between the acquirer and the target to mitigate the risks and maximise the RoI of the potential investment/M&A.



Strategies to overcome cultural challenges in post-merger integration to ensure smooth organisational alignment and development (in the workforce, organisational structures and processes, established networks and relationships).



Strategic consulting on effective cross-cultural business communication, both within your organisation and outside


Strategies and practical tips to overcome cultural differences and excel at external and internal business communication, from a persuasive email to colleagues to a winning proposal to a client.

A clear, competitive communication strategy for your business across cultures and guidance in its implementation to achieve your set goals.



Consulting on the effective management of multicultural (virtual) teams


Strategies to manage culturally different work-related attitudes, and show smart leadership and decision-making.

Practical tips on how to hold meetings, build rapport, incentivise and excel at internal communication in a multicultural team.

Important cultural aspects to keep in mind in order to succeed at conflict resolution in an international setting.



Team Management


Cross-cultural coaching: From cultural awareness (recognising) through cultural intelligence (understanding) to cultural proficiency (ability to act appropriately without losing one’s authenticity and identity)


Effective life- and work-related integration strategies. DOs and DON’Ts when living and working in a new culture – do and say the right thing, achieve the desired result while avoiding the hidden traps.

Work-related coaching on typical organisational structures and practices, government regulations, principles and values governing the way business is run, work ethic and communication style. Typical problems and effective ways to solve them.

Life-related coaching on customs, norms, core values (time orientation, power distance etc.), taboos, common behavioural characteristics and hidden agenda (covert social signals).

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